3rd September

It's Monday, it's Spring and it seems to be the day of the week when I get my blogger hat on.

It has been another busy few days, but I managed to get my 900cm x 600cm Acrylic on Canvas, 'Banksia Menzii' painting finished. She ended up with quite a bit of texture, so i will be leaving her for a good few days before i sign and varnish her.

She came from a photo I took in my car at Boneo Market, just after I purchased a gorgeous bunch of flowers from Peninsula Wildflowers. It was an ok photo, then FB in their wisdom, cropped it in a private promo to me  and I feel in love, The top down view of the big bold Banksia Menzii, with the divine pink protea to the side. I didn't quite get the proportions right when I chose my canvas, so I ended up adding more of the photo back in, but Im pleased with how she came up, and she has had lots of love on FB and IG.

About half an hour out from the end of the paint, I felt the 'magic' kick in as she really started to come alive. In her honour I have added a 'paintings for sale page'. Please ring, text or email for an invoice. I am in the processing of setting up a link to my Elizabeth Currie Art Paypal account, but I haven't ironed out the tech issues yet.

Thanks for all the love on Fb and OG, IG went over the 100 mark for the first time,

Have a great week.


27th August

It is so exciting and rewarding to see paintings go to their forever homes 😊. This week two Wedding Bouquets travelled to their owners and there were smiles all around. 

Im not sure why I fell in love with painting big bold flowers, bouquets, and flora, but when I saw Shani Alexander’s beautiful ‘HERO’ paintings that she and her students were painting something ‘switched on’ inside me.

And I know exactly where I was the moment the idea of painting Wedding Bouquets came to me  - i was driving to buy a second hand solid wood easel, on Maroondah Highway heading into Lilydale, just past the turn off to the Memorial Cemetry . It would have been my Mum’s 86th Birthday yesterday.

Mum I will paint the rose in your memorial garden and I will keep painting big bold flowers, Wedding Bouquets, buds and leaves. They are my passion and my great love.  

20th August

After a quiet start to last week, I had a bit of a 'bug',  the end and weekend have been full on. I finished the beautiful Wedding bouquet from and for Yarra Street Blooms, Warrandyte. I can't wait for her to dry, be signed and varnished, so she can go home to Yarra Street Blooms. Sometimes it feels like my dreams are coming true. When I set out on this journey only a couple of months back, I sat down with my gorgeous Son and Daughter in law, Jack and Janelle from Oneheart Studios (check them out they do the most amazing Wedding Videos you will ever see - no Im not biased) to talk through my idea of painting Wedding Bouquets. They suggested I connect with local florists and wedding photographers, and so far the 'love' from the florists and photographers has been exceptional. It is one thing to have an idea but another to have a body of work that supports and encourages the idea to blossom and grow.

While I was attending Shani Alexander's life changing Painting Mentor Program 'Revive your spirit with colour', I fell in love with Australian Natives and Proteas from South Africa; so I went looking. I first found Yarra Street Blooms and loved everything they had; when I mentioned my idea to Lisa she was so encouraging, Soon after I also found Peninsula Wildflowers and feel instantly in love with their Wedding bouquets too. It was Jessica Rose Photography who graciously allowed me to paint her amazing photo that enabled me to paint my first 'Wildflowers' bouquet, and when I touched base with Dawn before going Public, she also embraced the idea. Dawn and all the lovely ladies from Peninsula Wildflowers, have been so encouraging.

Thank you all so much, (plus a shout out to Wendy and Tom who commissioned my very first Wedding Bouquet as a gift to their niece), without you, painting Wedding Bouquets would still just be an idea.

Before I go just another quick thank you. I attended Clair Bremner's 'Painting Money' workshop on Saturday. Thanks heaps Clair, it was very informative and encouraging. Having covered much of the information during Shani's mentor program, it was encouraging to know that I am on the right track. I also learned some new tips and ideas that will be invaluable. 

I am not Fine Art trained, and although I have been painting for over 20 years for friends and family in Pastels, I am relatively new to the Acrylic medium. This poses an interesting challenge when it comes to pricing my work. I remember clearly when I studied the business component of an Electronic Publishing course I attended, it was hammered home to us that unless a business idea can cover costs and pay a comparable wage, including all the benefits a PAYG income would include, then it should remain an idea. At the time I had created a beautiful illustrated photo album I wanted to pitch to Preschools, my tutors couldn't wait for me to produce it, but when I did my sums it just wasn't viable.

All this to say since Saturday I have needed to tweak a few things, including my pricing structure. I understand it is a marketplace, and that the marketplace will decide whether this is viable or not, but I need to start somewhere. As in everything it will depend which lens you view the prices from, as to your reaction. For some it may seem expensive, for others it will be considered way too cheap. It is probably too cheap to sell from anywhere other than my own website, (due to commissions others would take), but I am ok to start here. My pricing for general commissions and sale of paintings, (as I build a body of work for direct sale), will be consistent with my Wedding Bouquets; they are equally a labour of love.

I'm glad blogging is a good thing to be doing, because although I am naturally quite shy I love to chat and share. Hope you are enjoying my art. Now to work out how to link this all to my Instagram account lol.

13th August

It has been a busy couple of weeks. The Peninsula Wildflower Wedding Bouquet has been finished and is going home to the Peninsula soon. After taking a break to paint a couple of special requests, I am currently painting a gorgeous Wedding Bouquet by Yarra Street Blooms in Warrandyte. to display in their magnificent shop.

I also took a trip to the Mornington Market over the weekend to visit the lovely ladies from Peninsular Wildflower who made two amazing bouquets for me. Over 170 photos later I have sorted and culled and added several  Photo Galleries of original photos for customers to choose commissions from. I have also raided my favourite's photos album to add variety. A friend suggested that some people may find it daunting to commission an original artwork. I am hoping that by providing galleries of photo references to choose from that it will make commissioning an artwork easier. If you have a specific request, please feel free to discuss this with me and I will try and create an original photo reference of your request.

Today I added Terms and Conditions and a Contact page, eventually I will add a shop but for now I have included my bank details for Direct transfer.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy my gallery pages.